Our Sponsors

For sponsorship inquiries, or to make a donation, email CalPolyHumanPoweredVehicle@gmail.com


Advance Tube engineering

Advance Tube Engineering bend tubes for the automotive, aerospace, and marine industry. They bent the chromoly-steel tubes we used in our frame.


Lightning Cycles

Lightning Cycles is a Central Coast local company who will assemble and donate a recumbent bicycle for our rider to train on.



Safran will be CNCing our mold-plug for us out of high density precision board. They provide seats for commercial aircrafts throughout the world.


Cal Poly ME-SFAC

The Cal Poly Mechanical Engineering Student Fee Allocation Committee distributes funds to many Mechanical Engineering projects on campus that enhance the Mechanical Engineering program. Through them, we funded parts of our braking system, cameras for our vision system, and a ParkTool toolbox.


ICX Transportation

ICX Transportation specializes in traffic management and engineering and optimizing transportation engineering.



Cateye creates electronic bicycle accessories such as headlights, and computerized performance monitors. They supply the monitors we will be using to study and train our rider in preparation for the competition.


Foothill Cyclery

Foothill Cyclery is a local bike shop, less than a mile from our main campus. They will be providing various bike components and accessories to the team throughout the year.



Tenergy is a battery and power systems developer based in San José. They are donating rechargeable lithium-ion batteries to supply power to our vision system and any other electronics we include in our bike.

Individual Sponsors


Diana and Kent Allen, Andersky Family Foundation, Louie Bateh, David and Sue Blake,

Hunter Carlson, Beth and Chris Clausen, Big Don, Katrina Dyrby, Chantal Faucher, Nicole Fields,

Jeanne Fromm, Kolvita Family Medical Group, Kyra’s Mom and Dad, Don & Rosie Henderson,

Jeffrey Johnson, The Pauley Crew, Dave and Karen Schmidt, Jonathan Schmidt, Marshall & Joyce Thompson