The Grind

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2017-2018 Bike

Follow the development of The Grind, our team's entry into the 2018 ASME West competition. We hand shaped a foam plug for this carbon monocoque fairing and manufactured an automatic reverse gear mechanism as our innovation.


2017-2018 Team

Led by Derek Fromm, this team built The Grind. The team included Ariel Tolentino, Michael Juri, Austin Henry, Noёl Clark, Biren Rama, Rakan Richardson, Cliantha Li, Ryan Meinhardt, Curtis Wathne, Ryan Salazar, Sam Porter, Keely Thompson, Scott Seno, Kira Schmidt, Taylor Chavez, Kyle Milgram, Westin McHaney, Max Chinowsky and Wyatt Pauly


2016-2017 Bike

Follow the development of Eli, our team's entry into the 2017 ASME West competition. This bike had a wood frame and a vinyl fairing, with some steel reinforcements


2016-2017 team

Led by Keely Thompson and Curtis Wathne, this team built Eli. The team included Rama Adajian, Tyler Cottle, Sam Porter, Emily Lim, Michael Wu, Spencer Combs, Derek Fromm, Michael Winn, Eric Buck, Caleb Rounsavall, Kyle Milgram and Erin Wint