Battle Mountain WHPSC

Battle Mountain, Nevada is the site of the annual World  Human Powered Speed Challenge hosted by the International Human Powered Vehicle Association. Each year, teams from all across the globe make their way to the town to participate. They race one by one across a 5 mile stretch of Highway 305, an incredibly flat and straight road, building speed until a final 200 meter stretch where top speeds are measured.  The competition has been the sight of dozens of record breaking rides, including AeroVelo's "Eta" in 2016, which set the current human powered land speed record of 89.59 MPH. 

Cal Poly is returning to the competition after a hiatus of more than a decade, hoping to break the American collegiate team record of 61.3 miles per hour. We will be one of the few collegiate level U.S. teams at the event, competing against primarily experienced HPV enthusiasts and international graduate teams. As a result, we will need to up our game to stand among the truly elite members of the Human Powered community. 

Our team did not participate in the 2018 World Speed Competition, but we did send a small scouting team to observe the competition and introduce ourselves to the Human Powered community. Read about our trip to Battle Mountain here!